No Experience? Here’s How to Get A Job


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Okay, so you have just set-up your mind to apply for a job in sales. Starting a job in sales often demands experience…but how could you have any experience when you are just starting as a newbie to the field?

You may be an amazing person with a lot of potentials, but no one sees that. Not a single company would hire a person in the sales field without any experience, but you cannot leave your dream in an empty place taking its final breath. You have to do something about it.

Never let the lack of experience derail you from your route to getting your desired job. In this article, you will have everything you need to get into the field.

Start from the bottom up

The first step in reaching your goal if you do not have any experience is to start from the bottom.

This is old but still a working method of getting to your desired job. Get into any well-known company, and if they do not hire you as a sales manager, then no problem, take any job that they can offer you and just get into the industry somehow.

Even if they hire you as an assistant or an intern, take it and learn the tricks of becoming a sales manager. Once you are in the company you can start the process of learning the tips and tricks that could lead you to your desired position.

Got the skills? Highlight them

Always go through your resume and put the skills that you have on it. Whenever you learn some new stuff, write it down on your resume and send it to other companies related to your interest.

Always write what you possess. Learn the sparks and the potential that a true salesperson carries and try to develop it within you. Write on your resume the things you are good at like “can you convince your clients of your valuable ideas?”, “Are you good at public speaking?” or even “Are you good with people?”. You just have to enhance your resume as much as you can.

Got an interview call? Well, don’t miss it!

If you followed the step above then this will be very interesting for you. You have sent your resume to another company and got the interview call so what are you waiting for now? Get yourself moving and get your suit as you are a step closer to reaching your target! Indulge yourself in interviews once you get a call and maybe you get what you wanted.

One day before the interview, sharpen the skills you have earned from your job and make yourself more persuasive. Try your best to show the potential that you have earned and made it worth the time you have served for it. Then, you might get the job.

Always do your research

Another step you could take during your job hunt is to have a clear idea of the history of the companies you are pursuing. Learn their marketing strategies, the type of work they do, what type of clients they deal with and all the stuff you could think of, as this could be a plus point for you in getting the job. You should always do in-depth research about the company you’re interviewing at. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter whether you have professional experience in an industry or not. As long as you’re able to show that you have the skills to deliver what you’re interviewing for, you’ll be hired. In fact, you’ll be trusted by your employer even more because they’ll know that you’ll be willing to go above and beyond to deliver on your promises. For more amazing and mind-opening tips like these, check out

Be confident, Be appointed!

Going after a job could be very difficult as you may face many challenges. Sometimes it could be as challenging as uphill climbing. But, the only thing that could help you face this challenge is your confidence. If you are full of enthusiasm and completely confident, then there is nothing that could stop you from getting the job!


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