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If you’re looking for a job description template, you’re reading to the right article. This job description template will make your job description writing process a lot more easy. This job description template will give you a head start towards writing an effective job description which will attract even more job application & will sure help you hiring a right candidate.

Before moving further you may like to read these sample posts.

The above mentioned posts will give you an idea on how people write a job description and how you should go about. In my further post you will get a template that you can use while writing a JD.

Major Sections of a Job Description Template

Job Title & Location

Every job description starts with a job title followed by the location of the job. You should also mention the company name after this. e.g Sales Executive, LA

Salary Range & Reporting Details

In this section you may include a range of salary that you’ve decided to pay for the role. e.g $25000-$35000 per year.

Profile Overview

Write a small sentence or two about the purpose of the job. This will give an idea to the candidate what role this job requires.

Area of Responsibilities

This is the major part of a job description. In this section you must write 8-12 points about the key responsibilities that your prospective employee will be dealing with. For example if you’re writing a JD for sales executive profile some of the responsibilities may include.

  • Gathering data from different sources e.g Search engine, Business Directories, Yellow Pages.
  • Making outbound calls to generate leads
  • Making & sending proposals to the client.
  • Making followups with the client.
  • Closing the sales.
  • Make sure the payment should be collected on time.

Skill Set

This section includes the required skills to perform the job. Some of the skills that required to perform a Sales Executive Job could be

  • Excellent Verbal / Written Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Experience in selling X solution
  • Open to travel
  • Corporate selling experience

Education Background & Experience

  • Preferred Degree or Diploma:
  • Years of Experience:
  • Preferred Industry background:
  • Other Requirements:

Company Profile

It’s always good you write a small but appealing company profile at the end of the job description. It helps getting attention of a candidate & influence him to apply for the job. This should not be more than 3-4 lines. Also include a link to the company website in this section so that candidate get some idea about the company profile.

below is a sample of a job description which i found helpful to share with you.

Contract Manager Job Description Template – DOC

Hope this post about Job Description Template will help you writing your next job description. This post is written just to give you an idea about sections used in a typical job description. If you’ve any query on this feel free to contact us.


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