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Job Descriptions

An Accounts Assistant is withheld with the responsibility for assisting the team of accountants with junior accounting duties. She/he shall directly report to the Director of Finance. An accounts assistant job description generally includes with basic book keeping activities, working with sales and purchase ledgers and running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct.

Some Key points:

  • Accounts Assistant is responsible for maintaining the accuracy while updating the accounts, payable and receivable sub-ledgers, should be checked by the assistant.
  • Accommodating monthly account with the help of industry specified computer software and in accordance with government policies.

Accounts Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

Accounts assistant has 3 major area of his work namely:

  1. Payable Accounts
  2. Receivable Accounts
  3. Pay Roll

1.) Accounts Payable:

  • Accounts assistant carry out bills and invoices from vendor and supplier in a specified time frame.
  • Verifying accuracy, approvals and account coding with keeping the policies of Ministry and agency requirements.
  • Checks and associated reports should be prepared timely as required by the agency policies and schedule.
  • Pre-authorized payments should be maintained per 30 days.
  • Maintain and scrutinize accounts Payable sub-ledger journals for compilation of General Ledger monthly.
  • Enter and update records of checks cashed, Demand drafts or invoices to accounting software regularly.
  • Respond to vendor inquiries till satisfaction as required.

2.) Accounts Receivable:

  • Accounts assistant process all client or miscellaneous payments daily or as required to sub-ledger.
  • Maintain and distribute accurate listing of suspensions in accordance with agency policies.
  • Preparing and maintaining list of over dues and transferring it to Director of Finance for adjustments, write- off or collections.
  • Maintaining accounting adjustment forms.
  • Attending to the needs of client or payer and satisfying inquiries as required.

3.) Payroll:

  • Possessing working knowledge of the payroll process.
  • Should be able to use software and provide backups as required.
  • Reconciliation of monthly ledger along with the Director of Finance.
  • Getting the bank reconciliations for approved from the Director of Finance per 30 days.
  • Preparing annual budget in accordance to the company policies.
  • Assisting with telephone coverage during the lunch break.
  • Recording staff absences.
  • Attending the needs of Director of Finance while maintaining the record for retention requirements.

Accounts Assistant Qualifications:

  • Accounts assistant should have comprehensive knowledge of computer accounting software systems.
  • Vastly experienced in processing and maintaining entries and accommodations in accounts payable, receivable, sub-ledger and general ledger.
  • High interpersonal skills and be good at communicating to folks.
  • Diploma in accounting (2 YEARS) to attain certification of general accounting or completion of one-year University courses in Cost Accounting.
  • Two to three years practical accounting experience or a vigorous internship under a respected firm.

Hope the above mentioned accounts assistant job description will help you writing a better job description.


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