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Who Is a Sales Director

Before we tell you Sales Director Job Description, we would like to tell you who is a sales director & what do he does. A sales director is basically the backbone of the company, and is involved in making overall strategies for the growth of business along with the Chairman, Chief Executive, Board of Directors, and Non-executive directors. The competitive world of sale goes through a lot of ups and downs, and an efficient sales director knows how to successfully generate a sale with effective planning, and implementations. A Sales Director holds the big responsibility of making your company stand in the competitive market against strong competitors. The complete job role is marketing oriented, and the chair person oversees the complete sales department, gathers performance data to prepare future plans, and create reports for senior managers, as well as shareholders. He has to be focused on customer acquisitions, and revenue growth. He has to achieve the set financial target by doing everything possible in his power.

Sales Director Duties & Responsibilities

In this section we’ll tell you about the duties & responsibilities that a sales director job description should have. A senior sales manager holds a big responsibility over his shoulders, and plays multiple functions in any company. He has to play different roles, and meet up with different post holders of the company, to set up strategies, and to study the statistics. Besides working for the regular office hours, a Sales Director may even have to work overtime to complete his targets within the deadlines. Let’s have a quick look over the responsibilities of a Sales Director:

  • Study the previous stats of the company, and understand the policies adopted by company to improve these stats.
  • Develop new strategies, tactics, and plans for future growth of company’s database.
  • Generate reports based on facts to be presented before the senior managers, and shareholders.
  • Meet the sales target set within the given deadline with restricted territory, and accounts.
  • Build up a better customer relationship, understand their needs, and try to make them satisfied without compromising with the company profits.
  • Maintain long lasting customer relationships.
  • Represent the company’s business policies in various conferences, trade fairs, and networking events to attract more and more clients.
  • Effectively communicate the value proposals with different presentations.
  • Analyze the sales team, and check if the work there is going on smoothly or not. Make amendments in the team members if necessary.
  • Travel across various countries if required to attend various seminars, and events.
  • Coordinate the sales operations with all the other departments of the company.
  • Establish performance goal for each employee, and monitor if the employee is able to meet up the expectations or not.
  • Continuously motivate the sales team, and inspire them to stay focused on company’s goals.
  • Seek out new customers, and sales opportunities to help build up the empire.

We have made ourselves very much clear that being a Sales Director is not at all an easy task. You sometimes need to work under a lot of stress to achieve the objectives. To be an outstanding Sales Director, you must have following skills:

  • Outstanding Communication, and Negotiation skills is a must have.
  • You must understand the basic business policies.
  • Besides being self-motivated, you must be a source of inspiration even for the co-mates. There is no place for people who give up very soon.
  • You will have to be enthusiastic towards you work. No results can be achieved without showing the dedicated passion, and dedication.
  • You must be good at report preparations, and data analysis work.
  • An impressive personality would surely help you crack the nut here.
  • You must be able to cope up with stress as working under deadlines is not at all an easy task.

Sales Director Educational Requirements

You may include the educational requirement in a Sales director job description you write. Basically in this field, experiences speak more than certificates. But still there are a few educational degrees which might help you to make the perfect choice for the job.

  • A bachelor’s degree in any business field with MBA.
  • A Level 4 Diploma in Sales Management.
  • Advance Certificate in Sales Management
  • Intensive Diploma in Strategic Sales practice

With higher experience, new doors will open up themselves. The more experience you have, the more desirable you are in the market, and the more companies are willing to pay you.

As per ISMM reports, the future in field of Sales Director is really bright. Sales Directors often grow and become the managing directors, and CEOs of the firm. They have a large team to lead, which when provided with the right directions can do wonders.

Sales Director Salary

You should include a salary section in any Sales Director Job Description you write, it makes it attractive. Sales directors earned a median salary of $150,042 according to report. The salary report also states that the median salary range for a sales director fell between $125,722 to $177,676.


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