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Someone rightly says that In order to get good administration at your office you must have good managers in your hands. In today’s post we will talk about office manager job description on our website We will share some important key ideas that will help you to get your desire job of an office manager. So here is office manager job description sample below to get your dream job in office administration.

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Here Is A Sample Of Office Manager Job Description

Office Manager is very responsible job and one should know general administration operations regarding this job. An Office Manager responsible for office’s operations in order to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Office manager’s responsibilities include reception/front office administration, administrative support, clerical support, executive director support, organizing monthly/yearly/half yearly/periodically meetings, coordinating and organizing events and marketing campaigns, accounting data administration, etc.

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Office Manager Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills and active listener: An office manager should have quality communication skills to interact with different type of people on the job & at the same time he/she should be good listener to respond people politely.
  • Language Skills: Office manager should able to interact customers with strong writing skills, ability to read, interpret correspondence and documentation in the office environment.
  • Innovative: Office manager should be innovative, he/she has ability to generate innovative ideas, & develop actions to implement these ideas into business to get desired results in future without any help.
  • Versatile and energetic: Office manager should be versatile by nature and run by positive energy to overcome challenges and obstacles at the job.
  • Organized and time management skills: Office manager should be organized and knows how to do different task within pre-defined time to match targets.
  • Team building skills: It is very important skill yet a responsibility on office manager shoulders to build a good team, which make an easy path for future challenges.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills: In a typical office environment everyday office manager faces different problems. To solve these problems and challenges he/she should has a good analytic mind to overcome these problems.
  • Decision making skills: Someone says to judge a person go through with his decisions ability; same applies here if you want to do office manager job so you have to show your decision making ability.

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Office Manager Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The position of office manager requires applied skills in computers (especially: MS office) and different office administration software.
  • Ability to supervision & take initiative independently without any help under different circumstances.
  • Ability to complete different project on office management and office assignments independently and under pre-defined time period.
  • The incumbent must have excellent communication skills both in person & on the telephone and pleasant personality & sober attitude.
  • Sound knowledge of an office environment to maintain high level of privacy & confidentiality.
  • Office manager responsibilities consist with these percentages as follows below: 
  1. 30% Management of Front Office
  2. 20% Building Safety & Security
  3. 20% Building Maintenance and Repairing
  4. 20% Supervision of Front Office
  5. 10% Support to Administration Staff 

If you are responsible, dutiful & have office manager qualities or a proven record so it is job person like you the only thing you should know keep in mind office manager duties and responsibilities to apply this job.

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Office Manager Qualifications:

many times we see most of office managers get on-the-job training on basis of nature of work, even though now most of the companies want to have qualified and experience office manager but in recent times companies are hiring young, energetic freshers too.

Companies are considering incumbent who have practically knowledge in word processing and sound knowledge of accounting softwares typically 6 to 12 months certificates/diploma and 1 to 2 year degree programs in office management is acceptable because 2 years degree programmes are (sometimes) tailored to a specific industry, like healthcare, property or technology.

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Office Manager Salary:

In USA office manager acceptable as a good job, as per, website median expected salary for a typical Office Manager in the United States is $64,491. But as per market trends for office manager jobs in 2014 these figures are going to be change very soon, so friends be prepare yourself for office manager job. Best of Luck!


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