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Sales Associate Job Description sample: Sales Associate is job for a person who is willing to perform customer service, generate sales, merchandising of products, & helps in the management of the company / store / organization. The purpose of sales associate job is to provide fast, friendly customer service by closely seeking customer’s preferences & needs to assist them accordingly. It takes your tendency towards handling customer’s queries and maintains outstanding customer service as per customer’s requirements. In U.S.A, during last few years many companies have observed a great need of sales associates in their businesses. So now days Sales associates impact on companies as well as their products, information, and product related items.

Sales Associate Job Description

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Sales Associate Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Sales associate must ensures that every customer/client receive quality service from their side by facilitating and providing friendly environment in the shop, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, providing sound product knowledge and every aspects of customer service.
  • Sales associate should maintain an awareness in the customers about all new promotions and advertisements of the company’s products.
  • Sales associates should communicate about the queries & demands of the customers to the management time to time to provide them quality services in future also.
  • Handling customers complaints politely and effectively & suggest them solutions.
  • Sales associate should also work with associates as a team member & motivate them to achieve Store’s sales plan as well as individual sales plan.
  • A sales associate himself/herself also actively participate in all programs and procedures of the company that drive sales.
  • Sales associate is responsible to attend phone calls and transfer it to the appropriate department if needed.

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Sales Associate Skills

  • Excellent Customer service skills: First and very important key skill for a sales associate is Excellency in communication skills to provide quality service to customers.
  • Ability to learn: Learning is life-long process same as this concept; a sales associate should learn basic things such as: basic accounting skills and computer command skills.
  • Organizing and time management skills:  A sales associate should be aware of how to organize things and he should know how to contribute things to use time in better way.
  • Interpersonal and behavior skills:  A sales associate should be aware of interpersonal skills and behavior skills to manage the environment of the company.
  • Attentive and spontaneous:  A sales associate should be attentive and spontaneous to lead the conversation with the clients and serve them as per their needs.
  • Ability to handle work load:  Sometimes a sales associate has to work other than normal working hours so he should ready for that, it may include some nights and/or weekends.
  • Physical ability:  Sometimes a sales associate has to stand extended period of time and to move boxes of merchandise and fixtures throughout the store so he should be physically strong.

Sales Associate Qualifications:

  • To become a sales associate, incumbent should possess high school degree or equivalent (or) 2 to 4 years retail or trade experience (or) two years experience as a sales associate in reputed company/store. 

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Sales Associate Salary:

Salaries of a sales associate may vary to the different companies and nature of work and it is depending upon the employer. In this sector generally salary based on sales targets, bonus plays a crucial role in sales associate’s salary. As per average salary of a retail sales associate in U.S.A is $300000.

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