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Fashion designer job description A Fashion designer/clothing designer is a person who designs clothing for people and  today’s Fashion industry is growing rapidly day by day & competition now has grown up with a lot of experiments on different fabrics & creativity has taken a long leap to achieve success in this industry.

In this post about fashion designer job description we’ll list fashion designer skills & duties in coming headings. A fashion designer is very responsible job and a prospective person should be skillful, creative, and versatile. He/she has an interest & understanding of clothing design industry to be famous & successful.  A fashion designer should have an ability to produce creative design under tight schedules & working long hours under heavy work load & pressure.

A fashion designer helps many people to be dress with their style and preferences so fashion designer job has become more tuff. Now a days almost every celebrity prefers to have an own fashion designer to design its clothes so income in this profession is very good. Now the area of a fashion designer has becoming large and large with designing from clothes, accessories, and shoes to sportswear etc. in recent times a lot of fashion houses has opened  and  a fashion designer works within a team to match the choice & preference of  customers.

fashion designer job description

Fashion Designer Duties & Responsibilities

Fashion designer duties and Fashion Designer responsibilities may be classified as follows: You may add or delete duties & responsibilities to complete fashion designer job requirements as per your company.

  • The main responsibility of a fashion designer is producing creative & unique concepts to the fashion market to match with current trends & fashion.
  • Imagination of idea & put it on paper or making sketches by hand or on the computer with the help of related softwares.
  • He/she is also responsible for developing different patterns to showing their idea with the help of patterns.
  • The primary duty of a fashion designer is to overseeing the production and finalized the complete material from the scarp.
  • Analyzing trends, colors, shapes, choosing from different fabrics.
  • A fashion designer should be technically skillful in different areas like :- pattern cutting, pressing, fusing, grading, production method & garment construction.
  • A fashion designer is also responsible for quality control in this industry.
  • A fashion designer must adapt existing/recent design for mass production.

Fashion designer skills

A typical fashion designer job description may include the following fashion designer skills

  • A fashion designer must have sound knowledge of colors, texture, & patterns of clothing.
  • A smart & out of the box thinking for generation next clothing and about its accessories.
  • A deeply knowledge about different shapes & measurement and an ability to visualize things in dimensions to make a cloth perfect for user.
  • A fashion designer must have good communication skills to explain its ideas & concepts clearly and persuasively to make a better understanding to others.
  • Fashion/clothing designer must be technically skilled in areas such as pattern cutting, grading and garment making.
  • A fashion designer must have an ability to draw on paper, either by hand or on the computer by the help of different softwares.
  • Fashion designer should have an ability to meet deadlines and as per requirement and work within pre-defined budget.
  • A fashion designer should be good in negotiation skills when selling its own designer wear.
  • Fashion designer must be strong organizational skills to lead its business.
  • Fashion designer/clothing designer should have an eye for recent trends in fashion and clothing.
  • A fashion designer must have an interest for art and designs.
  • A fashion designer must be a good source for designer.
  • A fashion designer helps in Supervising & making up for sample designs.
  • A fashion designer must be strong in business & marketing skills and commercially aware, particularly if he/she is self-employed. 

Fashion Designer Education & Qualification

There is no set rule for Fashion Designer Education as it is a more skill based job. In a fashion design industry most of the employers seek an individual with a 2 to 4 years degree and a sound knowledge about textiles, fabrics, & fashion trends, although skills matters more than a degree in this industry.

Fashion Designer Salary

Fashion designer job description is incomplete without adding up a salary range. As per website, Median expected salary for a typical Fashion Designer (fashion designer average salary) in the United States is $46,498. Fashion designer salary 2014 may increase and we’ll keep you updated in this post. Fashion designer annual salary may differ country to country, that mean a fashion designer may get a higher salary in United States than in India.


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