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Data Analyst Job Description: Below is a Data Analyst job description covering the essential duties and responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and salary about a Data Analyst job. The job of a data analyst requires excellent skills in handling computers & software related to data analysis at the same time performing duties assigned by different department heads/supervisors.

data analyst job descriptionThe responsibility of a Data Analyst is to collect, maintain, manage, interpret and analysis of data received from internal data and external data sources viz. industry and company data. Then Data analyst conducts a verification/accuracy process of such data for identifying the problem/s and develops solutions to resolve problem/s and used this information to see the impact on the business profits and business operations. Data analyst also presents data, ideas and information in front business units to identify the opportunities and risks hence; they can take ideas and related information to make decisions for further benefits and success of the company in different areas.

A Typical Data Analyst Job Description Sample

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Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities:

Data analyst jobs are made for responsible persons if you have courage, determination, willing to work long hours using particular software to collect, organize, interpret, manage, filtering large amounts of data into figures, free from errors so you a right person for this job. Below are the data analyst duties and responsibilities:

  • Data analyst is responsible for wholesome review, Interpret, analysis of collected data using different tools, statistical techniques such as PMLT, MS Excel and data management systems to provide accurate & reliable reports to the company.
  • A data analyst acquires data from internal data sources and external data sources; build a system to maintain databases/data systems.
  • A Data analyst must develop a healthy data collection systems & sound strategies for getting quality data from different sources to use it to right place efficiently.
  • Data analyst also liable for preparing presentations, conducting research and maintaining quality of database systems.
  • Data analyst assists in database administration, design, security also timely maintenance of data base as well.
  • Data analyst responsible for preparing various statistical reports on operational performance on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Preparing drafts and develops standards for different reports on data management systems.
  • Data analyst should interact individually with company’s clients to identify their information and research needs.
  • Data analyst assists and provides counseling and advice to the clients in determination of suitable analytical methodology to their business & achieving business objectives.
  • Data analyst also monitors, train and giving direction on the work of lower-level staff.
  • Data analyst must perform other related duties as assigned by different departments of the company.

Data Analyst Skills:

Incumbent should possess following data analyst key skills to perform his job:

  • Data analyst should be versatile and have decent experience of collection and analysis complex data, both narrative and statistically.
  • Data analyst should have strong analytical skills.
  • Data analyst must have excellent communication/ interpersonal skills to building good working relationships.
  • Data analyst must have ability to explain things in front of technical/non-technical persons.
  • Data analyst should have ability to work alone and also within a team.
  • Data analyst must be punctual and have time management skills.
  • Data analyst must have project management skills considering all the aspects of planning, organizing and coordinating the project with stakeholders.
  • Data analyst should have ability to handling the stress and problem solving ability.
  • He should be active, self-motivated, quick learner, and innovative person.

Data Analyst Qualification

If you are looking for Data Analyst job you must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Statistics / Mathematics/ Marketing/ Economics, or Business Administration or you may be Computer Science background candidate or any subject from a recognize university related to data analyst job profile.

Experience is a valuable point for getting hired by any employer but if you have experience in the Business Administration field and sound knowledge about computer software, spreadsheet applications like MS Excel and language like C++ then, you could get better job opportunities, although it is not a necessary academic requirement for being hired for a data analyst jobs.

Data Analyst Salary

Previous experience as a data analyst or experience in computers/mathematics or experience in programming is added advantage even though, Data analyst salary varies from country to country and experience & qualifications matters; as per website, average salary of a Data Analyst in USA is $70000.


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