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This sample Accounting Manager Job Description will help you create an appealing Job Description which will sure attract good candidates for Accounting Manager position.

An Accounting Manager Job includes working under director of finance & manage financial activities and accounting functions on computers. The Accounting Manager Job also includes supervising accounting staff to carry out day to day tasks.

The Authority’s general ledger’s maintenance is a responsibility of highly specialized accounting work performed by Accounting Manager.

Accounting Manager Job Description Overview

  • The Accounting Manger works under the Director of Finance.
  • The denizen should have a supervisory, review and proofing reading invoices.
  • They responsibility of carrying out the organisation’s annual audit and recording financial statements.
  • Accounting Manager programs, arranges and also handles a assigned college or university as well as significant District-wide human resources plan as well as pair of records.
  • Supervise, approach and also synchronize the activities connected with a number of fund and also human resources products and services that will may include, but are certainly not on a, normal human resources, records payable, payroll, auditing, relationship management, treasury supervision, and also monetary reporting.
  • The Accounting Manager handles restricted deadlines and also a variety of human resources things to do including normal journal planning, monetary reporting, year-end audit planning.

Duties & Responsibilities of an Accounting Manager

  • Arranging liquid money that includes localisation and de-localisation of funds in various trusts and ventures.
  • Organizing a set of in depth records and classified files to document financial transactions.
  • Desk-ing on the table for customer service.
  • Accounting Manager Verifies financial reports by running performance analysis software program.
  • Accounting Manager also File and tally cash deposit records.
  • Produces financial reports involving the Authority’s trust accounts for monthly board gatherings. Coordinates all, month end, year end closing activities.
  • Resolves complicated accounting issues and assists other personnel withheld with different responsibility in letting the financial transaction run smoothly.
  • Monitoring entries in the general ledger on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of posting.
  • Maintaining records of vouchers, invoices, checks, bills, tax receipt, account statements, reports and filing it in the ledger.
  • Maintain precise records in order to indicate the economic problem on the corporation’s funds administration as well as reconciliations. Provide many economic cancelling for you to administration such as Balance Linen as well as Revenue as well as Burning transactions.
  • Accounting Manager maintains year-end functioning paperwork as well as spreadsheets, as well as improves prep for virtually any audits as well as self-sufficient testimonials.
  • Create, implement as well as observe inside adjustments.
  • Provide economic administration as well as cancelling to the Redevelopment Bureau.
  • The accounting manager supervises the work of fellow accountants, human resources assistants, and also other designated employees; designate, strong, observe as well as examine employees operate; plan as well as coordinate specialized advancement actions; implement corrective motion while suitable.
  • Produces periodic statements related to transactions and ad hoc financial reports.
  • Implements and executes suggestions to optimise accounting operations in order to make it productive.
  • Has to be flexible and can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities Required for Accounting Manager’s Job Profile

  • Working experience of accounting operations (governmental/non-profit).
  • Updating financial ledgers and data; preparing personal phrases and reports, standard and subsidiary ledgers and support routines; research and resolve differences.
  • High supervising and monitoring skills.
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Governmental Accounting Standards (GASB) should on tips and should possess detailed knowledge about the aforesaid standard.
  • Knowledge of operating the concepts of capital budgeting.
  • Maintain effectiveness as well as useful personal methods through processes.
  • Examine as well as validate personal docs as well as entries.
  • Work independently inside the absence of supervision.
  • Analysing financial data and to prepare accurate reports in a specific timeframe.

Education & Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with stream in accounting is a must to become an accounting manager.
  • Three years of experience in the area of carrying out financial transaction, budgeting, letting out payrolls, buying and selling, accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Should know the technical know-how in working with a non-manual monetary/financial management system.
  • Must be able to gist up the data in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Accounting manager’s position is a peaceful and perk full one, with loads of potential to rise and shine.

Salary Range

The salary for Accounting Manager Job profile ranges between $7,210 – $8,764 per month. the figure has been taken from a united states website.


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