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The below mentioned job description for accounts receivable clerk profile is given to help you write an effective accounts receivable clerk job description. You can edit edit the job description as per your requirement.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description Overview

  • The Accounts Receivable Clerk is held with the responsibility of supplying financial, administrative and clerical services.
  • He/she should also ensure that the effectiveness and efficiency along with accuracy is maintained in financial and administrative operations.
  • The Accounts Receivable Clerk must comply with established policies and procedures.

Some Key Points:

  • Senior Administrative Officer (i.e. SAO) has to work along with Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Financial, administrative and clerical services are undertaken by Senior administrative officer who takes care of all the payments and monitoring expenditures
  • Salaries/payment procedures has to be handled by accounts receivable clerk
  • Financial transaction should be carried out without delays and hindrances this is possible only when Accounts Receivable Clerk is efficient enough
  • Buyer-supplier relationships are essential to maintain which is possible only when the payments to vendors and suppliers are being paid within the time limit.

Responsibilities & Duties of Accounts Receivable Clerk

A.) To maintain credibility at peak levels operations has to be carried out daily and in a proper way.

These include:

  • The acquisition form of each transaction, past present and future have to be dealt with utmost care and high level of concentration.
  • Tax receipts vouchers and purchase orders and payment document have to be processed and prepared.
  • Raw materials and the human resources are to be requested by the denizen.
  • Organizational norms rules and regulation related to finance have to be taken special care.
  • Creating archives of purchase orders, tax receipts and important transactional documents.
  • Enveloping the checks and mailing them to the vendors.
  • Publishing the reports of money delocalization and mailing the report to the senior.
  • Enlisting all vendor checks in the log book and updating it regularly.
  • Scrutinize backup reports after data entry.
  • Maintaining updated vendor files and file number.

B.)  Provide receptionist services

  • Direct telephone calls and react to inquiries
  • Answer devices
  • Greet and aid guests
  • Collect income and still provide receipts


  • Accurate and perfect in carrying out tasks.
  • Ability to with hold classified information such as employee information, future ventures.
  • Possessing the knowledge of office administration and bookkeeping procedures along with payable and receivable accounts and updating ledgers.
  • Experience of handling Payroll functions. 

Skills Required for Accounts Receivable Clerk Profile

Possession of these skills would make the denizen favorite:

  • time management skills.
  • trouble shooting and analyzing the situation according to the ongoing crisis so that he may evolve with an appropriate solution to the problem.
  • High concentration is required as attention to minute details and high level of accuracy need to be maintained while updating the ledgers.
  • Bookkeeping skills have to be extremely professional as the ledgers go through thorough scrutiny during audits.
  • Spontaneous thinking and decision making skills.
  • High verbal and listening communications skills.
  • very effective organizational skills.
  • effective written communications skills.
  • High computer skills and including the ability to operate computerized accounting, spreadsheet and word processing programs, and email at a highly proficient level stress management skills.

Educational Qualification:

  • An undergraduate degree preferably with Accounting as a core subject.
  • Several months of internships with a reputed firm.
  • Experience certificate.

Characteristics of the Incumbent:

  • The denizen must imply confidentiality in performing the duties of pecuniary nature.
  •  Honest and trustworthy people are encouraged.
  • Receivable accounting clerk should also possess basic kin-ship quality of being respectful, cultural awareness, compassion and sensitivity.
  • Work ethics and punctuality are of utmost importance.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Average Salary

An accounts receivable clerk generally earn an average salary of $30,000. The salary could vary from country to country. the data has been taken from a reliable website based in united states.


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