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Photographer job description sample: A Photographer should be creative, versatile, and imaginary by its nature because all of these abilities help in getting a desired photographer job. Now-a-days there is a good demand for photographers in different fields like: media & event management , publication houses, automobile industry, marketing & advertisement industry, corporate sector & off course in fashion industry as well.

A photographer applies various photographic techniques to produce different photographs into color as well as black & white. Most of the photographers start working as junior/assistant photographer after getting experience they move as professional photographers. A photographer should have sound computer skills and knowledge of photography’s softwares such as Photoshop etc. A professional photographer works as per his client’s/employer’s need. A general photo shoot environment involves wedding photo shoot coverage, occasional family photographs and fashion photography, celebrity photo shoot, modeling photography, new born baby photographs, food photography, architecture photography, corporate photography, media photography and special photo shoot coverage of historical places etc. After getting photographs it is important to develop all those photographs into a hard copy so, a photographer organizes all these activities in a photographic laboratory to accomplish his assignments.

As far as the photographer’s job location and job hours are concern; a photographer does not stick to a particular location and job hours also depending upon different circumstances as per the employer.   A photographer’s job description can’t complete without taking about prospected employers/recruiters; some of them are as follows: trademark agencies, books and picture libraries, local & national newspapers, magazines publishing houses, modeling agencies, advertisement agencies, hospitals, medicine agencies, publishing houses, museums, Art galleries and sometimes a photographer starts own shop or photo studios.

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Photographer duties and responsibilities:

A Photographer duties and responsibilities may be categorized as follows:

  • A photographer is responsible to click the pictures as per the client’s needs and manage, adjust and combine photographs in a way that is useful for its clients
  • A photographer create artificial lights, flashes, reflectors and also setting up photographic equipments to make pictures alive and worthy for its clients.
  • A photographer determines images and carries out a research and schedule a photo shoot to achieve quality in his pictures.
  • Before final touch a photographer keeps photographs under extensive process using different equipments, chemicals, touchup tools, developing & printing equipments in a photofinishing laboratory to bring out quality pictures.
  • A photographer also responsible to arrange photo shoot on different locations as per client’s need and for own photo shooting.
  • Photographer also edit, improve quality of damage images as well.
  • Photographer provides advice and help in selection of images for different products to advertise their product in a unique way in magazines, newspapers and on the web etc.
  • Photographer also giving direction to the workers who are setting up photographic equipments on the location.
  • Photographer must go through for equipment testing before a photo shoot to ensure that equipments are working in a good order or not.
  • Photographer should be skillful in handling and improving scanned images/ digital images quality to create special effects, using specialized softwares.
  • Photographer should also execute maintenance of photography equipments because it is very important before a photo shoot to ensure whether it is working properly or not.
  • Photographer should mange, crop, compress, resize, red eye removal, flip and rotate pictures for editing, storage, and electronic transmission purpose.
  • Photographer should also develop pictorial visual aids, charts for the purpose of providing lectures, presentation and sometimes as an evidence in court.

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Photographer skills:

  • A photographer should be creative, versatile, and imaginary by its nature and have a good eye for a picture.
  • Sound knowledge of photography’s softwares (Photoshop etc.) and excellent computer skills.
  • Self motivated, determined, passionate about the photography.
  • Photographer should have excellent technical and photographic knowledge to handle different problems on the job.
  • Good communications skills to satisfy people by his work at the time confidence of organising people to get desired results from them.
  • Photographer should be commercially aware and good knowledge about photography’s field.
  • Photographer should know its value to get business and good at marketing itself.

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Photographer Salary:

As per the median expected salary for a typical Photographer in the United States is $53,947. These are only figures if you have good command over handling camera and professional experience as a photographer you could get more than your expectation because in recent-times scope of photography profession has been expanded and clients demand for quality and uniqueness in their pictures/videos. So if you have all of these qualities then it will definitely lead you towards getting your desired salary in the photography’s industry.


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